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Sports Business Management

What we are offering you

With our hands-on degree program, you will become an expert in sports management, focusing on organization, marketing, and leadership in the sports industry. Learn from renowned instructors and experienced professionals how to plan sports events, develop sponsorship strategies, and lead your team to victory. Immerse yourself in a world full of opportunities and shape the future of sports.

Invest in your future

Are you a passionate sports fan? Do you dream of a career in the exciting world of sports, where you can organize events, manage teams, and drive athletic success? Then our certificate in sports business and management is perfect for you.

Step onto the winner’s podium of sports Law and Management with our highly regarded certificate! In this exceptional program, you will gain the skills and knowledge to rise to the top in the competitive sports industry. Give your career a powerful boost and celebrate your own victories.


Further Education


Sports Business Management



One semester for 15 ECTS distance learning.


Kick-off in October 2024.


Gold: Diploma of Advanced Studies Sports Business Management

(30 ECTS)

Silver: Certificate of Advanced Studies Sports Business Management

(15 ECTS)

Bronze: Modul Certificate Sports Business Management

(5 ECTS)



Our continuing education programme is aimed at people with:

Sport Management (directors, executive board members, executives, as well as team leaders),


Sports officials,

Sports journalists,

Holders of honorary positions in sports as well as sports-oriented university graduate


890.00 € per module

For individuals facing special life circumstances and those currently enrolled in a program, we offer a discount (10%) >> Learn more.




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Further information about our Certificate in Sports Business Management

More details will follow shortly.

Total Credit Points for Certificate Award (CAS):

15 ECTS credits for three modules.

Total Credit Points for Certificate Award (DAS):

30 ECTS credits for six modules plus a final project or thesis.

Each module is worth 5 ECTS credits and can be chosen freely. Completion of a module results in the award of a Certificate of Module Completion (CMC).

Frequency and Rhythm of Offerings (Module Regularity and Enrollment):

Enrollment is available for the summer and winter semesters, with instruction conducted in English.

The admission requirements for the further education program “Sports Business Management” are as follows:

Applicants who have successfully completed a university degree or can provide evidence of an advanced, thematically related study (e.g., law, sports, social work, economics, psychology), or have acquired the necessary qualifications through professional experience, are eligible for admission. Additionally, individuals holding positions in sports clubs and associations, those working in sports journalism, as well as employees of authorities responsible for sports matters, are also eligible for admission.

If you need further clarification or have any other questions, feel free to ask!

The distance learning program is offered in a blended-learning format, incorporating both online and offline elements. The language of instruction is primarily German, with some components delivered in English. Exam schedules are flexible to accommodate students’ needs.

Asynchronous components involve self-directed learning, following a structured course design based on the 5 Stage-Model by Salmon. Support is provided within the online learning platform, and students engage in project work. Motivational strategies, following Keller’s Motivational Design, are implemented, potentially offering personalized learning pathways.

Synchronous elements include module kick-off sessions, exam preparations, and expert presentations or exchanges, provided in video format. Workshops are conducted in English.

This format allows for a combination of independent study and interactive sessions, catering to diverse learning preferences and schedules

Program Structure

Module Ia: Sports and Law Fundamentals (5 ECTS Credits),

Starting October 2024

Module Ib: Sports and Law Advanced (5 ECTS Credits),

Starting October 2024

Module Ic: Sports and Law Contract Design and Compliance (5 ECTS Credits),

Starting October 2024

Module II: Sports and Psychology (5 ECTS Credits),

Starting Oktober 2025

Module III: Sports, Digitalization, and Digital Transformation  (5 ECTS Credits),

Starting October 2024

Module IV: Communication in Sports (5 ECTS Credits),

Project Phase

Module V: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion  (5 ECTS Credits),

Starting Apri 2024

Module VI: Sustainability in Sports  (5 ECTS Credits),

Starting April 2024

Module VII: E-Sports (5 ECTS Credits),

Project Phase

Module VIIIa: Sports and Business Administration Basics I (5 ECTS Credits),

Starting October 2024

Module VIIIb: Sports and Business Administration Basics II (5 ECTS Credits),

Starting October 2024

Module VIIIc: Sports and Business Administration Practical Applications and Advanced Studies (5 ECTS Credits),

Starting April 2025

The examination requirements vary depending on the respective module. Further details are specified in the examination regulations.

Possible examination formats generally include:

Written short essays based on examination questions

Seminar papers with oral presentation

Oral examinations

Digital presentations

Blog posts

WordPress (Communication)

Practical elaboration of guiding questions (learning diary) and presentation within workshops

Case studies as accompanying portfolios. Subsequent presentation. Supervised at fixed dates.

Further Education Certificate according to § 62 Point. 4 of the Higher Education Act of North Rhine-Westphalia

your contact person
Ass. jur. Michael wolf


Telephone: +49 2331 987-2226

Office hours: Mo. – Fr.: 09:00 am – 15:00 pm

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